New Site!

When I originally started this blog, I was not sure I would not stick with it. I, therefore, did not put much thought into where I created my site. However, I have decided this is something I really want to do. I have researched the best platforms and have worked to get it all ready. I am excited to announce I now have a new site where I will be able to create exactly what I want. I have provided the link below to my brand new site. Please join me in transitioning to my new and improved blog!

Welcome to the New Site!

A Through Z About Me!

Here are 26 things about me so that you can get to know a little about me.

A - I want to Adopt when I'm older
B - Bananas are the BOMB!
C - I Color Code everything in my school planner
D - I love to Draw to relieve stress
E - Hard-boiled Eggs are the best snack (in my opinion)
F - Number one value is my Family
G - My favorite TV shows are Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls
H - All time favorite movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!
I - My favorite Ice-cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. Yum!
J - I am always cold, so I take a Jacket everywhere (even in summer)
K - I believe everyone gets their Karma. Good or Bad.
L - Lattes! Coffee is life.
M - I grew up in a Military family
N - I am a total Nightowl
O - I'm terrified of the Ocean
P - My favorite color is Pastel Pink
Q - Quizlet is a lifesaver for me with school work and studying
R - I love to Read
S - I want to be a Speech-Language Pathologist
T - I love all things green Tea!
U - I go to the University of Kentucky
V - Volunteering …

Am I Santa?

I ended my first semester of college and will be home for about a month. While home for Thanksgiving break, my family put out a special Santa mailbox and posted on Facebook about how any child could put a letter in the mailbox and we would respond as Santa before Christmas.
This was so much fun to do! Getting to read all of these letters from so many children was an absolute blast. However, getting to respond and see the faces of many of them as they read their letters, that was priceless.

I personalized all of their response letters based on what they wrote in their letter to Santa. I can't wait to get to do this again next year and hopefully get even more letters!

My Journey Begins: College Move in

Yesterday, I moved into college! I start school in two weeks at the University of Kentucky. My very first day on campus was crazy busy. It all started at 7:30 am when I woke up. My family and I drove up the night before and stayed in a hotel since I live three and a half hours away from campus. After waking up, I got dressed and ready to go. We went down and ate breakfast then got in the car to go to my dorm. At nine in the morning, I unloaded the two cars full of all my belongings I had packed the day before. We filled carts full and lined up for the elevators. About fifteen minutes later, I was in the room I would live in for the next nine months!

After rearranging my furniture like five times, I finally started to unpack the carts and organize my new room. We took a break to go shopping and get lunch. After about two hours we were back in my room hanging up photos. Time was flying by. I had to get ready for orientation before we were even done. I said a quick goodbye and was on my …